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New Mexico Department of Public Safty

New Mexico Search and Rescue Council

New Mexico SAR Act

NM Field Certification Information

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ICS-100 Online Course

ICS-200 Online Course

Introduction to ICS

Mapping and outdoor related sites

MapTools: Tools for plotting GPS coordinates

GPS Coordinate Conversion

NADCON: convert geographic coordinates in NAD27 datum to NAD83 datum

Convert Lat/Lon to UTM Coordinates or UTM to Lat/Lon Coordinates

FCC: Convert :Latitude/Longitude in Degrees/ Minutes/Seconds to/from Decimal

Microsoft Research Maps

NOAA: Estimated Magnetic Declanation

GPSFileDepot: New Mexico Garmin Compatible Maps

New Mexico Topo Maps

National Atlas, Department of Interior

The National Map, USGS

Wilderness Area Data Search

Public Lands Information Center