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Individual Equipment List

SSAR member must be willing, capable, and prepared to survive in the field at temperatures down to 0*F in inclement weather.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required by for NM state field certification, others are requirements of Socorro SAR. Please note that for safety reasons, all-cotton jeans and sneakers are not permitted for search and rescue missions. Please note that bluejeans are not appropriate clothing for SAR missions. Shorts are not appropriate on any search mission, whether you are in base camp or in the field.

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- Backpack*
  • Internal or external frame backpack large enough to hold all gear
  • - Knife*
    - Food for 24 Hours*
    - Eye Protection *
    - Water*
  • 2 Quarts Minimum
  • - Fire-Starting Materials*
  • This includes but is not limited to matches, lighters, and Magnesium Strikers. Matches should be strike anywhere in a waterproof container. Lighters whould be butane. Two different sources are recommended.
  • - Orienteering Compass*
  • Must have 2 degree accuracy or better
  • No Military or lensatic compasses without approval of team leadership
  • - Whistle*
    - Watch
    - Signal Mirror*
  • Military Style Sighting Mirror (mesh in sightng aperature)
  • - Headlamp with Extra Batteries *
  • LED is best
  • Extra bulb is required if non-LED
  • - Extra Light Source with Extra Batteries
    - Personal First-Aid Kit*
    - Space Blanket*
    - Pen or Pencil*
    - Felt Tipped Pen with Waterproof Ink
    - Paper *
  • Waterproof paper is the best but not a requirement
  • - Shelter Materials (bivy or light tent or tarp, etc.)
    - Trail Tape
  • Provided by Team
  • - 20 Feet of One-Inch Tubular Webbing*
    - Large Garbage Bag
    - Toilet paper
  • In waterproof bag
  • - Personal Equipment
  • Equipment not on this list, including medications, toiletries, etc.
  • - Personal Equipment List
  • List at least one item that is in addition to the SSAR Individual Equipment List
  • - SSAR Individual Equipment List
    - Current SSAR Callout List

    Note: Although cotton and cotton-blend clothing may be included in a summertime pack, each Candidate for Certification must also have non-cotton/cotton blend clothing layers (inner, middle, and outer layers).

    - Sturdy Hiking boots *
  • Must have ankle support
  • - Sturdy Work Gloves *
  • Leather or leather palmed
  • - Head Cover *
  • Wide brimmed for warm weather
  • Wool or Synthetic for cold weather
  • - Gloves and/or Mittens *
  • Wool or Synthetic
  • - Socks *
  • Hiking Weight Wool
  • 2 pairs
  • - Sock Liners
  • Wicking or Hydrophobic
  • 2 pairs
  • - Inner Wicking Layer*
  • non-cotton long underwear
  • Top and Bottom
  • - Middle Insulating Layer*
  • non-cotton
  • For Warmth
  • Top and Bottom
  • Suggested fabrics include polar fleece, wool, expedition-weight polypropylene underwear)
  • - Outer Layer*
  • Wind and Water Protection
  • Jacket with hood and pants

  • Overnight Gear *These items are not required to pass the gear check but are good to have in case of an extended search.

    - Sleeping Bag
  • +20F or lower
  • - Insulated Sleeping Pad
  • Solid foam is best but not required
  • - Tent or Bivy
    -Waterproof Ground Cloth